Dec 15 2015 Jenny Shattuck

from the NOAA weather site-Tonight Mostly clear, with a low around 35. North northwest wind 7 to 13 mph.
From The extreme weather website-
The 7th Annual Mendocino Coast Extreme Weather Shelter keeps our neighbors out of the cold and wet. The need for shelter in wet and cold weather exceeds what Hospitality House alone can provide. Without shelter, homeless neighbors are at risk of hypothermia and death. Initiated by Love in Action.

Dec 16 2015 Jenny Shattuck

I just got off the phone with Dan Fowler from the Presbyterian church. His understanding was that there were no churches or organizations that were opening. He said that they would be opening soon for the EWS. That the Hospitality house was full, so that was not an option to use as EWS. They have a board meeting tomorrow. He will call me and give me an update. I also have a meeting tomorrow with Anna Shaw ans Holli from Love in action. Hoping Dave Turner will also be there, I have had contact with him over the last couple days. I am glad there are programs available, I just want them to go by their own criteria. Anna told me that it was a funding issue, Dan F told me he understood the issue was available places. So hope to get more answers tomorrow.

Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center, 11:00 Dec. 16 2015

Hospitality House ink drawingEvery staff member at Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center says their heartfelt wish is to open the Extreme Weather Shelter every single night of the winter.

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