2016 Abalone Cook-off

Watch Lindy Peters announce the Peoples Choice Winners of the competition

mtv-canopyAttending the World Championship Abalone Cook-Off as a competing cook or a tasting judge is a fun and exciting way for people to help MAPA support our parks.

This major fundraiser is really two events in one: 1) Abalone cook-off competition, and 2) the Festival.

1) Abalone Cook-Off Competition: Competing cooks prepare their favorite recipes in hopes of winning a World Championship Trophy and/or Grand Prize. Judging tickets allow the purchaser to judge up to ten delicious recipes in the competition and vote for their favorite dish. “Up to 10” means that MAPA cannot guarantee 10 tastes because ocean conditions might affect divers’ ability to find abalone. The abalone prepared in the cook-off is wild-caught, not farm-raised, making this a unique experience. Judging is based on taste, texture/tenderness and presentation. 2016 Judging tickets are: MAPA members $70.00, non member $85.00.

mcrpd-board-candidates-small-button2) Festival: Live music, beer from North Coast Brewing Company, food booth with clam chowder, silent auction, craft fair, raffle and wine tasting from Mendocino’s finest wineries (Brutocao Cellars, Graziano Family of Wines, Handley Cellars, Yorkville Cellars, Frey Winery, Bink Cellars and McFadden Vineyard &Farm)

3) General Info: There are 2 way’s to enjoy the Abalone Cook-Off. The first requires no tickets and is free to the public. The free entry does not include any tasting at all but allows the person or persons to enjoy the festival as a whole. The second way is to purchase “Judging Tickets” which allows the purchaser of the ticket to taste a variety of the cooks Abalone recipe’s and to vote for the winner.

img_2955The cook-off is held in memory of Ken Tallman, and in honor of Sub-Surface Progression Dive Shop and the Tallman Family who donate the prizes.

And the Winners of the World championship Abalone Cook-off are:

“The Chuck Wagon” Mike Taaning from Redwood Valley
recipe: Breaded Fried Abalone


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