Transgender in Middle Class America @ 3p.m. on Mind, Body, Health & Politics Feb 8, 2017

Wednesday February 8th Dr. Richard L. Miller interviews two transgender women to gain an understanding into the trials and transitions they experience in their daily lives.

Gwenyth Searer is a licensed structural engineer.  She mostly works on existing buildings and structures, troubleshooting problems and designing repairs and retrofits.  She is active on a number of state and national professional committees and has over 80 publications to her name.  Gwen is a parent and has two wonderful daughters.  She is 47 years old.  She is also transgender.  She transitioned from male to female four and a half years ago.  Erica is her girlfriend; they have been dating for three and a half years.

Erica Johnson is a transgender woman and parent of two wonderful young children currently in elementary school.  She has been working as a senior software developer for nearly 15 years.  She began her gender redefinition in Jan 2011, finally liberating her mind from a vicious cycle of hopeful desire and hopeless impossibility that had plagued her thoughts since the age of 4.  Erica’s children love her very much, and her connections with family and friends are stronger than ever now.  She approached Gwenyth Searer online in 2013, seeing a kindred spirit in similar circumstances, and they began an exciting and thoughtful long-distance relationship later that year.


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