EWS Fully Funded Now!

Mayor announces significant donation while issues continue to pile up!

Mayor Lindy Peters announced the Extreme Weather Shelter (EWS) received an anonymous donation to the Mayor’s Fund which will carry it through this winter and perhaps leave a reserve for next year.

While this a step forward, there are still many issues with Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center (MCHC) which continue to concern the City, clients and citizens.  At his weekly meeting many people shared additional concerns regarding MCHC services including inadequate and spoiled food, people sleeping on dirty, bare mattresses, families with children sleeping in the main building with no access to the family unit, no hot water or showers as well as retaliation for those clients who have spoken out publicly.

City of Fort Bragg council and staff are doing what they can including: recommending a camera system for the alley, putting a bench near Hospitality House (HH) and checking to see if those clients have warrants, it is actually up to Mendocino County to enforce its contracts with MCHC.  The Board of Directors for MCHC  needs assure services are provided in a humane and healthy manner as well as appropriately respond to community concerns!

Mendocino County also needs to provide MCDH with their $30,000 grant to provide the EWS services, which has not been paid yet according to Mayor Peters. This may be contributing to the disintegrating quality of services and care as MCHC is likely using other funds to cover the EWS expenses.

Please see Mendocino TV’s recent reports for more information as we continue to monitor the MCHC issues and potential resolutions.




  1. I made a comment just a bit ago and it has been removed. It was not distasteful nor harmful. Very disturbing..

  2. Anna just issued this update…


    On the first of March, the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center sent out
    an appeal to the community asking for support so that we would have the
    funding necessary to keep our Extreme Weather Shelter open during
    inclement weather until the end of our EWS season April 15, 2017. The
    very next day donations, large and small, started coming in from
    individuals, organizations and churches.

    We are pleased to announce that due to this incredible outpouring of
    support and generosity from this community, we have reached our goal.
    As of last Friday, we have received $20,060 in EWS donations. We
    project that this amount should cover all EWS expenses for the remainder
    of the season. If any donations are remaining in the fund after the
    closure of EWS in April, those monies will be carried over to help start
    next year’s Emergency Weather Shelter.

    This success reflects the coastal community’s compassion and support for
    the issues of homelessness; the need to shelter those who remain
    vulnerable to hypothermia when they do not have a place of protection
    during our cold and rainy coastal nights.

    Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center is most grateful to our community for
    all their support as together we strive to help those in need of
    shelter, food and a path to personal self-sufficiency. Our non-profit
    organization looks forward to working with and serving this community in
    this capacity for many more years. Thank you very much for your

    Help spread the word!

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