Mendocino Country Sheriff Fire Updates Press Conferences

Monday, October 16, 2017 Fire Update:

In the Monday afternoon press conference regional officials from all pertinent federal, state and local agencies were there to express their support as Mendocino County transitions from emergency to recovery mode, reiterating all resources are here and ready to help fire victims.  Most importantly, the Local Assistance Center at Mendocino College will open Tuesday from 10:00AM-7:00PM and representatives from all agencies will be there to help people get needed documents and start the application process for assistance.

FEMA representatives encourages victims to register online at and have a broad range of financial assistance available including funeral, medical, dental, rental and  transitional shelters.  Additionally a great deal of money has been donated to the Mendocino Community Foundation and will be disbursed through North Coast Opportunities (NCO) at 707-467-3236.

Fires in Mendocino have burned 35,800 and is now 50% contained, although we are not out of fire season yet.  This county has also been a leader in the state for having planned burns, which are done to prevent damaging wildfires.  This county has lost 8 lives and has accounted for all people who were missing. For more information call the Command Center 24/7 at (707) 467-6428.

Sunday, October 15 highlights

Re-population and recovery is the priority for Monday and victims will be notified as most areas are expected to reopen.  It is very important not to disturb the fire footprint so that Cal-recycling will handle your clean up and disposal of burn debris and contaminated dirt, although there is no time for this scheduled yet.

Be safe with masks, gloves, steel toe shoes, do not change the footprint!, sleeves, eye protection, beware of trees falling without warning and utilities lines and propane tanks, need to be tested before you use and some are marked!! Not marked means it has not been checked.

October 14, 2017 Mendocino update!

Mendocino TV will update to the latest information to keep you posted on this ongoing emergency.

Fire danger in Mendocino County is looking better tonight, October 14, 2017.  If the weather holds, it appears tomorrow that people will be repopulated tomorrow, Sunday. Expect better reverse 911 calls at 10:00 AM to give the information in a timely manner.

If you own or live in affected/destroyed areas, there will be wooden stake with information, read it! On the stake is information to save you $5,000-10,000 if move do not remove debris Cal Recycling will come in and take away burned material and soil- they will dispose it!  If you touch it yourself, they will leave you alone and go to the next house!

Sunday the Willits and Ukiah shelters will merge to the Mendocino College gym at noon with emergency local assistance centers there too, with federal, state, local representatives open 10AM-7PM starting Tuesday.  They are also working on getting FEMA representatives there. It takes 20 minutes, either way.

FEMA can provide housing assistance, hotels, and multiple forms of assistance including money for personal property and packages for recovery.  They’re trying to do much of it electronically on a website,  and phone apps or telephone, as well as in person or now. Have stuff ready including bank information, use toys as tools.  Register now and have pertinent information ready including; social security number, address, descriptions and damages, bank account, address and contact information.

For quick financial assistance fire victims call NCO at 707-467-3236.

Sheriff Tom Allman suggested the best way to help is to reach out to those who have been affected, take care of those you know and be aware that suicides increase at times like this.

Scammers beware!!  Call Tom, leave a message and he will return the call

Hopefully, the last meeting will be tomorrow night, Sunday, October 15 at 6:30 PM.

Please remember to call 911 only when you need a police response, as it has been overwhelmed by calls that do not meet emergency criteria, thus over taxing the system in the middle of the disaster.  For general information please use the 211 call system or for non urgent calls please the Mendocino County Emergency Operations Center at (707) 467-6428.

Latest Information from October 12 2pm briefing: 

Latest Information from October 11 noon briefing:

  • It is critical to sign up for emergency alerts by registering with the Mendocino Sheriff’s system at:  This is the only way they have to contact you in an event of an emergency!
  • Call (707) 467-6428 to give or get information including potentially the status of your house if evacuated or to report people unaccounted for.  It is operating 24/7 and please be patient, DO NOT hang up if they do not answer right away!
  • Howard Hospital is Willits is fully functional, as are the other two hospitals.
  • Phone service, both cell and landline should be restored in Willits.
  • This fire is not over, so remain vigilant and help your neighbors as you are able.  Given the dangers, volunteers are unable to be used by the official agencies coordinating efforts.  Contact the Red Cross (707) 577-7600 or NCO (707) 467-3236 to volunteer for supportive emergency services.
  • While it appears there is progress being made, this weekend the winds and dry weather may resume, although hopefully with higher humidity than last weekend.
  • The LakeMendocino fires are rated 3 out of 10 fires in the state, so resources are being allocated here on a priority basis. Given our close proximity to the worst fires, resources are more easily shared.
  • All County offices are open and functioning.

You can sign up for the Mendocino County Emergency Alert on this link:

 The next Mendocino County fire update will be October 11, 2017 at 12:00 PM at the Low Gap Road facility.
Please remember that this emergency is not over and may continue for the days to come as there is zero containment at this time and winds may increase tomorrow.

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