Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors Special Audit Report

Updated report:  While the meeting itself was rather banal, other than it appeared the Auditor, Mr. Zarecor from Dingus, Zarecor & Associates, was presenting information in such a manner to support the current management, there are two huge issues that need to be addressed.

First, rather than ending the fiscal year with a positive bottom line of $401, 027 as presented in the June MCDH financial report, the audited final result is a negative ($724,367), which is a difference of $1,125,394!  It was not clear to me exactly what and why there is such a large discrepancy, although I have heard mumbling about items being booked and recorded differently, none of which is very clear or satisfying given the glowing reports that come forward month after month.

Even more distressing is that Mr. Zarecor rather negated the idea that the legally required accompanying management’s discussion and analysis of the audit report, saying “90% of hospitals do not honor this requirement unless they are going out for a tax increase”.  Hello people, MCDH is desperately seeking new tax measures, has severe public relation problems and does not want to provide this report!!! Frustrated at his unsuccessful attempt to add this to the motion to approve the MCDH Audit Report, Dr. Glusker has made a formal request that this be done, which I am adding in a new post here on Mendocino TV.

People must stand up and be heard again and again, as it appears this MCDH/MCHD Board of Directors and management does not seem to be listening to the communities cry’s for transparency!!


  1. Why would anyone agree to pay a tax hike for bankrupt business? …and the hospital is a BANKRUPT business…

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