Lucas Campos refuses to resign, setting up an election crisis

There has been an attendance problem  at Mendocino Coast District Hospital’s board and committee meetings. As pointed out by Malcolm Macdonald, Board member Lucas Campos has missed an excessive amount of meetings which has jeopardized his status as a legitimate board member.

By not posting notice of a meeting at his remote location, Lucas Campos missed a Brown Act noticing requirement, necessary for his legal attendance to a Board Meeting.

Attorney John Ruprech quotes the legal requirements regarding requirements to stay, become dismissed or voluntarily leave the Board of Directors.

In a surprise move, Lucas Campos refuses to resign and sets up an election crisis

Peter Glusker describes what will happen if he isn’t replaced in time to get the position on the ballot for the November elections



  1. Dr. Campos met all requirements except for one.
    Dr. Campos was without legal representation.

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