Public demands a long term strategic plan before requesting a parcel tax

How can I commit to a parcel tax when the Board won’t commit to a single Strategic Plan.

Even though Edwards and the Board substituted the expensive Quorum Strategic Plan, which the past Board of Directors and Planning Committee had commissioned, with Bob Edwards’ “Strategic Initiatives.” They have and are continuing to submit the Quorum Strategic Plan to CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and the Joint Commission as the Hospital’s official “Strategic Plan.” How do we explain that if called out by Federal Authorities?

They are not the same! Bob Edwards’ “Strategic Initiatives”, unlike the “Quorum Strategic Plan,” does not meet all of the criteria that is required by CMS. Their explanation this time is, “Strategic Initiatives connected to the Strategic Plan, which can be modified at any time.”

Strategic Initiatives 2017


Strategic Initiatives 2018

Draft Strategic Initiatives 2018

If I contemplated running for the Board I would have a hard time determining what vision for the future of the hospital is contained in those two different plans and how do we, as the public, can feel comfortable committing to a parcel tax when the Board won’t commit to a plan for the future. What are we being asked to invest in? The Initiatives are short term year by year to do lists with no r3eal planning or vision

The past Board of Directors paused in implementing, a new comprehensive strategic plan until the new Board was seated in 2016. The Planning Committee then squandered the next 2 years in the OB debacle instead of this crucial planning mission. Now, in May they are not going to meet, once again, as their parcel tax goes to the voters, because Steve Lund is out of town! There are enough members to easily make a quorum, yet they are denying the public a last chance at constructive dialogue to understand the issues hidden behind Bob Edwards’ and Steve Lunds’ smoke and mirrors.

Watch as Nancy Schmid explains how there must be public participation in the plan submitted to Medical, one of a number of requirements of CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and The Joint Commission that the Strategic Initiatives didn’t have.
Watch as Bob Edwards explains how the hospital voted to discontinue support for the Quorum Strategic Plan.

April 26th Board of Directors Meeting regarding the Strategic Plan


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