Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors Evaluates CEO Edwards Performance

The Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors evaluated CEO Bob Edwards performance with a satisfactory rating and a renewal of his contract for 4 more years! let me say that again, four more years. The Board of Directors have created a situation where any future changes in management will have exorbitant expenses built into the decision. Why do they agree to kick fiscal decisions to the future BOD members yet tie their hands regarding the only personnel decision they may have had. Any candidate running on a change platform will now have more difficulty and expense in implementing change.

This puts the hospital leadership in a serious crisis of confidence by the community. We are watching the political act of cementing in place the existing power structure while asking the community to commit to a parcel tax, before any candidates for the upcoming election have declared and established a platform. Does the word Chump mean anything? Political Bullies.

In the 2 years that this current board has governed, very little has been accomplished that didn’t entail the removal, firing, quitting or resignation of key staff members. This reshuffling of staff seems to happen whenever they get on the wrong side of the CEO.

  • Ellen Hardin
  • Steve Kolbert
  • John Parigi
  • Wade Sturgeon
  • Terry Murphy
  • Mike D’Alara

Like the Trump White House.

There seems to be no agenda besides Parcel Tax and Personnel. The charade of cutting OB funding is similar to how Trump plays the DACA card. Uhh yeah I’ll sign it, if you pass my bill (parcel tax), ….fooled you!
Steve Lund, by default, will be the last remaining director from this regime to survive (unless he gets recalled) the November elections. Bruning and Glusker, won’t be continuing. Miller’s seat is in contention and it appears Campos won’t survive the year. We are left with the situation in which the position of Director will be symbolic, with no real power. How does the community find visionary qualified leaders willing to  run, knowing they have been sabotaged by the previous board.


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