The Fort Bragg Headlands Consortium Presentation and Community Discussion

September 12 at 6 PM (end or break at 8 PM)
Town Hall
Organized by the Fort Bragg Headlands Consortium

  • John Gallo, Ph.D.
  • Leslie Kashiwada, Ph.D.
  • William Lemos, Ph.D.
  • George Reinhardt

  • We are helping our community achieve three central goals:
    • Improved quality of life, for residents, businesses, and visitors.
    • Improved community resilience so we are responsive to a rapidly changing technological and climatic future.
    • Sustainable economic growth, with a local economy that sustains itself and the environment.

The Fort Bragg Headlands comprise a third of our city and it’s fate is being decided through the current planning process. The Fort Bragg Headlands Consortium provides science and information to help the discussion. We gave a short presentation to City Council and the Planning Commission on March 21st (the first 15 minutes of this video, and Mayor Lee invited us to give an extended presentation later. The evening on the 12th will be that presentation and will include an opportunity for a structured and civil community discussion. We hope you can come!
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CBI is a member of the Fort Bragg Headlands Consortium. We are working to increase public access to data which can empower decisions that benefit the Fort Bragg environment and community.

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