Fifth District County Supervisor Candidates Forum on April 18th from 2pm to 4pm

Skip Taube of Naturally Mendocino will host this live call-in show with a small select audience in the studio who will be prepared to also ask questions.

In preparation for this show we are creating profiles of candidates which will be used to promote the on-line forum. To help do this we will conduct a brief recorded “job interview” with each candidate in the studio, where everyone is asked the same questions. We also plan to record candidates speaking at public events for use in the profiles.

We are also asking every candidate in the County if they would pledge, if elected, to donate 10% of their salary back to charitable groups from the communities in their district.
This live forum will be posted on with a comments feature, as well as clips posted on Facebook, until the election is over (and then archived).

Skip Taube April 16 2018:

Having interviewed all the candidates for 5th district supervisor (and watched a lot of forums!), I will host them all together in the studio on April 18. This will be a live call-in/online comment show from 2-4pm. Joining me in the audience to ask questions will be Chris Calder of the Beacon/Advocate/Digital Media papers, Katy Tahja from Comptche and prolific Mendocino County historian, Sally Stewart who has been the owner/operator of Southern Exposure salon in Mendocino for 40 years, Marianne McGee of MendocinoTV, and a missive from Beth Bosk who cannot attend.
After Q&A we will conduct this simulation:

We want to see the five of you work together to resolve an issue as if you are the BOS. The question of spending the new mental health tax money on the old Howard Hospital in Willits is currently being promoted. Mariann McGee will frame the problem and provide some context as public comment. Then you will figure out how to deal with it, discuss it, try to resolve it, and maybe even vote on it (or pass it on to a consultant). Take your time, show us what you can bring to the table, challenge each other, rise above partisan politics and districts and do what is best for the County’s citizens. Your audience is watching.

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