Fifth District Supervisor Candidates Forum at the Anderson Valley Grange

Greetings all and thank you for making last night’s candidates’ forum an outstanding success! I did not count exactly, but there were more than one hundred people in attendance and at least 40 who attended for the full 3½ hours or more. Heidi did a great job as moderator and Sheila keeping the speakers on time. Greg Krouse deserves special thanks and recognition for the set up, lighting, and technical expertise. He was still there in the Grange Hall carefully putting away the tech equipment that made seeing and hearing the event so accessible at 11:00 p.m. Mary O’Brien was responsible for getting the refreshments/beverages together in the kitchen. Mary Pat, Amy/Mia Bloyd (does anyone have their email?) did yeoman’s work in the kitchen. Heidi, Judy Bayshore, Andy Jones, Morgan, Amy/Mia, Barbara, and Nancy all brought food. The efficient clean-up crew of Greg, Amy, Mia, Rainbow, Barbara, Angela, and Cob got everything back in its rightful spot.

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