Primary Wrap-up 2018, Art Juhl

Art Juhl, Candidate for Fifth District Supervisor of Mendocino County

Meeting and getting to know Art was a pleasure.  I’m surprised we hadn’t met Art earlier, since Gualala was in my territory when I worked for the telephone company. His blunt, old style San Francisco approach to the issues reminded me of my upbringing in “The City.” There is a style of speaking that comes from the “Mission District,” where I grew up in The Projects, that comes from being a “Workingman,” a term of pride, that comes from working on the docks and at Hunters Point Shipyards during the heyday of powerful unions. Art does not shy away from honestly opining on subjects dear to him.

As Art says;

  • “It’s the budget first. Without the money everything else doesn’t matter!”
  • “It takes three votes to accomplish anything, and I can create alliances to get the vote”
  • “Enough with the consultants, and the endless studies. Let’s act now!”

Art Juhl, like the other 4 Candidates, would make a fine Supervisor for Fifth District in my opinion.


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