Primary Wrap-up 2018, Alan Rodier

American Association of University Women

Alan Rodier Candidate for the 5th District Supervisor of Mendocino County

I first met Alan during the “Job Interview” by Skip Taube of “Naturally Mendocino” on Mendocino TV.  My first impression was one of, wait and see. Alan started campaigning with a style reminiscent of an earlier time. “Hi, I’m Alan Rodier, and I’m running for Fifth District Supervisor.” This got a lot of laughs yet was effective in achieving name recognition.

Alan showed his ability to mediate consensus when working with the others while performing in the “Mock Meeting” regarding buying the old Howard Memorial as a mental health facility. He brings a simple yet deceptively astute manner to a meeting. He listens and shows respect to opinions brought forth while analyzing the issues.

A primary plank to Alan’s platform is regarding income generation via events. This interlocks perfectly with my own opinion of a different type of economic development beyond tourism. When they come, will they have something to do? It’s critical because participation with activities creates an experience that is unique and memorable. I would love a performance venue on the coast, as he suggests.  Abalone divers bring 60,000 visitors to the coast, each of them spending money here. Soccer Tournaments are awesome, which is why we need fields. The new Off Road Park off of Highway 20 has the potential to bring thousands of visitors a year. Great Idea Alan! Alan has developed a much more nuanced platform since he started, but to Alan, it’s still “Common Sense”

Alan Rodier, like the other 4 Candidates, would make a fine Supervisor for Fifth District, in my opinion.


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