Primary Wrap-up 2018, David Roderick

Candidate for the 5th District Supervisor, David Roderick Skypes in, to attend our Primary Wrap-up event at the Mendocino Community Center

While we encountered some frustrating internet connectivity issues, we were lucky to have a willing participant in David Roderick, showing how we can save an enormous amount of time and wear and tear on our county roads by using simple remote video conferencing. If we had a little more time we could have also live-streamed the wrap-up, unfortunately we didn’t have that time.

Mendocino Women’s Political Coalition

When I first met Dave Roderick we were producing his “Job Interview” for Naturally Mendocino, where he was interviewed by Skip Taube on Mendocino TV. He had the advantage of viewing the previous Candidate’s Job Interviews, so his data was pretty accurate.  I was impressed with his “local experience” in all regions of the Fifth District. Dave stuck to his guns when measure V was brought up, even though Skip was unrelenting in his pursuit of some sense of moral outrage or social justice. To Dave it was a bottom line expense decision. He believes the county will lose the lawsuit and waste all of that money on needless legal fees. So he doesn’t support defending measure V from lawsuit.

American Association of University Women

Dave’s attitude towards a sense of separation between the Coast and the inland Valleys is refreshing, although I think a bit naive. The speed at which public works get done on the coast has been exemplified by the intersection on Kasten and Main in Mendocino. Rebuilding the stairs at that sidewalk is on it’s third year! We also all feel persecuted on the Coast when we have to go to Ukiah for Jury Duty or to get our business with the County done.

I’m impressed with Dave’s participation in emergency response and his level of “walking the talk”. I’m glad he is discussing climate change, we all need to. I don’t agree with his proposed reservoir in Jackson Demonstration State Forest. It’s too valuable a resource for recreational activities. How about some timberland donated by MRC and the other timber companies in the area to mitigate the destruction of the watershed that has led us to this place?

Dave’s idea about a mobile asphalt plant is sensible. If the damage gets repaired early, water doesn’t get a seam to erode and undercut the road bed. I’m always in favor of employing road crews instead of contracting that kind of work out. Dave is very connected throughout the fifth district and understands the diversity he will represent. Dave appears to represent a business point of view.

While I think it makes a good talking point, Dave’s idea about resurrecting the train tracks to Willits is admirable, it will never pay for itself.  The Skunk Train is shut down from a tunnel collapse, with no promise as to whether it will ever get opened. Willits has no freight loading facilities and freight hasn’t left Willits in 20 years. The tracks are in absolutely horrible condition, in some sections spanning over slide outs, 10 feet drop to the ground. Ukiah, maybe, Willits, why?

Dave Roderick, like the other 4 Candidates, would make a fine Supervisor for Fifth District in my opinion.



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