MCDH Special Board Meeting May 1 2019

Interim CFO hired ,Tentative Labor agreement reached

Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) held a special meeting today, May 1, 2019.  The agenda included:

  • Closed Session Items:
    • Consideration of Termination of Legal Services Contract with Best, Best & Krieger, Attorneys at Law, dated 9/25/18.
    • Public Employment: Interview candidates for Interim Chief Financial Officer of the District.
    • Board Meeting with the District’s Labor Union Negotiators.
  • Open Session Items
    • Report on Closed Session Items:
    • Public Records Request
The results of the meeting include:
  • Public Records for Board of Directors emails have been officially requested by Chris Calder, Advocate News Reporter and former CEO Bob Edwards and are being processed with redactions.
  • Steve Miller was hired as Interim CFO after interviewing 4 candidates.  He had previously been the Interim CFO from 12/14 through 9/15 and will replace Mike Ellis (see This motion passed with a 4-1 vote and McColley voted no, although she later praised all candidates.
  • A tentative labor agreement will be presented to employees to vote on as soon as next week, according to HR Director Dan Camp.
  • Apparently, it was a productive meeting with the attorneys and continuing to move forward.


  1. Hello- I find your summaries very helpful and informative. I am a bit troubled by the lack of information about who is actually providing those summaries. Is this the voice of an individual person? If so, who? Is it the editorial voice of Mendocino TV. Unattributed postings, especially around contentious issues, which includes the Hospital and its governance, only serve to heighten the level of distrust. Please consider attributing these posts to someone. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

    1. If you look to the top of each post, next to the date you will see the name of the person that wrote the article. In this instance it was “mmmcgee” or Marianne McGee.

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