Cannabis on the Coast | 4/20 in Mendocino

I attended the organizing committee for the upcoming Cannabis Event “Cannabis on the Coast” to be held in Mendocino Village on April 20th. It was comforting to see everything was under control and proceeding as a joyful experience produced by people with a passion for the culture of cannabis. Organizing EMT coverage, Sheriffs presence, Fire evacuation procedures, Special Event permits, these guys have it covered as they pioneer cannabis events on the Coast. Put it on your calendar!

A community-focused collaboration of cannabis and cannabis-friendly organizations and individuals located on Mendocino County’s historic coast.  Inspired by our love for the plant and a desire to see our local community thrive, we create memorable experiences for enthusiasts and newcomers alike that embody the heart and soul of cannabis culture in the world famous Emerald Triangle.

Schedule of Events

The unique criteria to pull off this event in the village of Mendocino is daunting to say the least. Mendocino TV and Cannabis News & Views are looking forward to bringing you more information about this exciting new event.

Following the Paranormal Investigation Team Mendocino’s “Guest Ghosts” event, taking place overnight April 19th & 20th, “Cannabis on the Coast” will continue a special weekend to visit the Mendocino Village.

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