May 26 Fort Bragg City Council Meeting

Mendocino TV will broadcast live the Fort Bragg City Council meeting at 6:00 PM

Ft Bragg LogoThe agenda will contain the following items:
  • Coastal Trail South End including decisions regarding extending the width of the hard surface of the trail; bathroom murals; fencing; a bench honoring Jere Melo and Municipal Code amendments to address rare plants, prohibiting repelling, taking glass off the beach, digging and prohibiting fireworks.
  • Noyo Beach Fireworks and alcohol bans being actively enforced on July 4th
  • Professional services agreement with HDR, Inc for the design of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project
  • Consent Calendar consists of a number of meeting minutes
  • Closed Session after the meeting to discuss GP Property negotiations and City labor Negotiations

Howard Memorial Foundation Breaks Ground for New Medical Office Building

HMH Corp Home Page HeroHoward Memorial Foundation Breaks Ground for New Medical Office Building

Since the hospital’s beginning in 1927, the Willits community has banded together to support and grow the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital to meet the needs of the community. In recent years, this has involved significant local fund raising efforts, hospital funds accumulated during years of strong operational performance, and most recently contributions from Adventist Health (HMH/AH). Most notably has been the signing of a lease and their agreement to build the new hospital for Willits.

HMH Corp Hero3With this commitment between HMH/AH and the Foundation in place, and progress steadily being made on the new hospital (drive by the new hospital site and see for yourself), the Foundation is moving forward with their development of the medical campus. The campus will include the new hospital, a medical offices building (MOB), a wellness center, an auditorium, campus housing, and a 5-acre organic garden.

HMH Corp Hero4The first priority for the Foundation is to complete the MOB which will serve community physicians and their patients. Not only will it be convenient for medical staff who will utilize hospital resources, it will also be convenient for patients who may need the services the hospital offers. Any person who has had to sit in traffic to get to an appointment in Willits will be grateful for this close proximity of medical staff to the hospital. Completion of the MOB is planned in conjunction with the opening of the new hospital.

Mendocino TV goes LIVE for the Mendocino Film Festival

Mendocino Film FestivalEnjoy interviews and profiles of the different films and filmmakers during the Mendocino Film Festival this May 28th through 31st.

Check in throughout the festival weekend to get up to date information and get a behind the scenes look to what it takes to produce a film festival. Watch Toney Merritt tell us about the programming aspect.

Willits Hosts Inaugural Seabiscuit Legacy Film Series

Mendocino Film FestivalMendocino Film Festival and Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation Present New Program: Sunday, May 31.

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary ofSeabiscuit’s historic win of the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap, we are proud to partner with Mendocino Film Festival and delighted to announce part of the 2015 Willits program will feature Ridgewood Ranch, home of Seabiscuit. Included in the program is an equestrian film series that exemplifies the winning spirit of the legendary racehorse.

For more information go to:

May 14 Fort Bragg Unified Board of Trustees Meeting

Watch Mendocino TV broadcast live the Fort Bragg Unified School District Board of Trustees May 14 at 6:00. The Trustees are generously sponsoring this event, so Mendocino TV is able to bring this to viewers.

While the agenda can be found on the Fort Bragg Unified School District, in addition to regular reports, discussion and decisions will be made on personnel items; budget updates and the upcoming calendar items including graduation dates.

This video will be available on after the meeting as well as the live broadcast due to the production sponsorship by the FBUSD Board of Trustees.

Citizens initiate Mayor recall!

Ft Bragg LogoAfter much speculation, Judy Tubbs Valadao,announced at the May 11 City Council meeting that Mayor Dave Turner was served with a Notice of Intention to recall him from office.  She represents Fort Bragg citizens opposed to the purchase of the Old Coast Hotel by the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center (MCHC) using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds,

Watch Ms. Valadao deliver a written statement, with assistance from Marissa Columbi, outlining the reasons they are pursuing this action against Mayor Turner. Over the last several months people both for and against the City assisting with the $990,000 purchase of the Old Coast Hotel, previously listed for sale at $2,995,000 and currently valued at $886,013 on Mendocino County tax records, made presentations to the City Council. The Council voted 3-1 to approve the purchase with one member recused. In short, the recall proponents believe the Mayor had already decided to support the project and wasted their time and energy attending meetings and testifying.

The recall process can be time consuming and expensive. The recall proponents must follow very specific steps and timelines as outlined Recall Process Chart . They must obtain 781 registered voters signatures on properly worded petitions within 60 days of the Mendocino Elections Department approving the petition. The County then has 30 days to verify the legitimacy of the voters and declare whether or not an election is warranted. If so, either the City Council or County Elections will set an election date between 88 and 125 days. During this period there is also a process for candidates to declare themselves, following the same procedures used in every City Council election.

If a recall election can fall on the designated November 3, 2015 election date, it will cost the City 10,000-15,000 dollars. If the timing is such that a special election must be held, the costs shoot up to the 20,000-25,000 dollar range.

Watch the video clip of the City Council meeting, which includes Mayor Turner’s response. Follow Mendocino TV as we keep you updated on the recall developments.


Old Coast Hotel public hearing on tonight’s agenda

Ft Bragg LogoTonight the City Council will, Receive Report and Consider Adopting City Council Resolution approving a Forgivable Loan Agreement with Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center to Use Funds from Community Development Block Grant #14-CDBG-9881 to Acquire and Rehabilitate the Old Coast Hotel and Authorizing City Manager to Execute Same (Amount NTE: $1,162,791; Account No. 315-5014-0630 and 315-5014-0632)


Mendocino TV seeks volunteers to restore Public Access TV

Mendocino TV is excited to announce a Public/Private partnership with the City of Fort Bragg to restore Public Access Television to the Mendocino Coast.

After 2 years of missing local television we plan to have local television programming available to local Comcast CATV subscribers on the Mendocino Coast by July 1st on a limited basis as Mendocino Coast Media.

Mendocino Coast Media HQ Badge contouredWe are engaging in an ongoing search for volunteers to bring their creative thoughts and energy to the newly formed PEG Advisory and Program Committees. Members of the 2 committees will have the opportunity to share in the creation of a New Media broadcasting entity. Interested parties can visit to download an application or attend the first organizational meeting to be held at the Union Lumber Company Store in the Mendocino TV Studio at the end of the hall on Thursday May 7th at 6pm. This meeting will be broadcast on Mendocino TV live. Interested parties that cannot attend in person are encouraged to watch on the internet, SKYPE in or call in at 964-0101.

PEG Volunteer Advisory Committee

Mendocino TV proposes, in collaboration with the City of Fort Bragg, to initiate and staff a PEG Volunteer Advisory Committee to provide advice and support for PEG operations.  In addition to bringing fresh, diverse perspectives and feedback, these volunteers will help build a more informed and engaged community.

Members potentially include:

  • 2 City Council members or designees
  • 1 County Supervisor or designee
  • 3 coastal CATV subscribers
  • 2 city resident CATV subscribers
  • 2 Youth representatives, still in school, appointed by Fort Bragg and Mendocino High School Principals
  • 1 person with commercial interests which may include a business owner, Fort Bragg Promotional Committee, Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce or VMC representative.

Goals may include:   

  • Provide overall general counsel, guidance and oversight of PEG operations.
  • Help educate and inform the community about PEG and its opportunities for sharing media.
  • Evaluate and provide feedback on PEG procedures, policies and progress.
    • complaint process
  • Assist Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, train, manage and evaluate PEG volunteers including the PEG Program Committee, producers, encoders, etc.
  • Encourage, promote & support ancillary broadcast studios, live performance venues & theatres, remote broadcast sites and facilities.
    • Examples include Footlighters, Cotton Auditorium, Mendocino Coast District Hospital, FBPD, Matheson Performing Arts, Caspar Community Center, Timberwolves Stadium, Diederich Center
  • Help identify and generate community resources.
  • Explore options to increase community engagement, feedback and communications.

Meetings:     At least quarterly, although probably more initially as the Committee gets trained and organized.

PEG Volunteer Program Committee

The PEG Volunteer Program Committee is a subcommittee of the PEG Advisory Committee to provide program content for PEG access TV.   The old program content from MCTV and the media submitted, by the community will need to be prepared for broadcasting and archived.

Members potentially include:

    • At least 1 member of PEG Volunteer Advisory Committee
    • Community members who are interested in learning these skills
    • Experienced community volunteers
    • 1 high school youth minimally

Goals may include:

  • Assisting PEG Volunteer Committee with its goals as appropriate.
  • Outreach to the community about PEG and opportunities to create and share media.
  • Initiate & conduct a plan to gather media for PEG distribution.
  • Encode media by converting original source materials into a digital format compatible with the H.264 standard.
  • Assist in recruiting, training & supervising programmers.
  • Assist in program development.
  • Encourage Youth Intern with developing youth programming.

Meetings: Monthly

Download pdf, fill out and email to or mail to:

Mendocino TV 303 suite B North Main Street Fort Bragg CA 95437

Volunteer Application

Mendocino TV believes a strong volunteer program is essential to rebuilding robust public access television on the Mendocino Coast.  Volunteers can provide vital insights, generate new resources, improve community communications and relations as well as crucial services.  This proposal, with its greatly reduced budget, is predicated on the City Council’s supposition that the community will provide appropriate content that is either already properly encoded or that volunteers will perform that function.  Mendocino TV sincerely believes that volunteers will help facilitate a smooth transition and generate positive public support.