Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner

The First Presbyterian Church is holding its 18th annual Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, Nov. 27th between 2 and 4 pm.

6657544211_51ef77e9e4_bEveryone is welcome, and the meal is pet friendly, as well. If someone is housebound they may call the church at 964-2316 to arrange for a meal delivery. Request for delivery must be called in by the end of the day, Wednesday, Nov. 26th. If someone is interested in volunteering in the future, please call the church. They host a similar meal for Easter and are always looking for more volunteers.
Additional community Thanksgiving announcements include the Fort Bragg Food Bank’s distribution schedule for the holiday week. Nov. 24th is a regular distribution day. Nov. 25th is Thanksgiving distribution from 9-3pm, Nov. 26th is Thanksgiving distribution day from 9-3pm. They are closed Nov. 27th and 28th.
Living Light Culinary Institute will host a vegan potluck from 2-5pm upstairs at the Company Store in Fort Bragg. Call 964-2420 for further information.

Michael Brown Silent Vigil

A candlelight vigil was held for Michael Brown in front of Fort Bragg’s Town Hall on Nov. 25th.

Candellight Vigil for Michael BrownBy Amy Katz

Following the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who killed Michael Brown, Allie Cislo organized a candlelight vigil. Minutes before the vigil, Cislo spoke eloquently about why standing in solidarity with Brown’s family and the community of all people is critical in the face of violence. The group stood silently for 4 ½ minutes to symbolize the 4 ½ hours that Brown’s body lay before being recovered.

Mendocino Film Festival team up with Mendocino Art Center

“East of Eden” screening concludes Mendocino: Our Town in Art & Film series

A well attending screening of “East of Eden”, the 60 year old film classic partially shot in the town of Mendocino, was the culmination of a 6 week series of events highlighting Mendocino: Our Town in Art & Film. This project was a collaborative effort between The Mendocino Art Center and The Mendocino Film Festival funded by a matching grant from the California Arts Council.

our town poster
Sunday’s screening, in the Abalone Room at the Little River Inn, was preceded by a convivial reception to help raise the matching funds for the $8500 grant. Scott Feinberg, Lead Award Analyst of The Hollywood Reporter with a penchant for correctly choosing Academy Award winners, introduced the Elia Kazan film and provided a Q&A session after the show. He shared entertaining tidbits on the movie, its stars and 1950’s Mendocino. Feinberg also did this at free “East of Eden” screenings for seniors and Mendocino High School students.
The purpose of this grant was to provide a visual and historical perspective on the role that art and film has played in the economic revival of the town of Mendocino.


Nov. 24th Fort Bragg City Council

Fort Bragg City Council holds its final meeting

Livestream poster FB City Council Nov 24This week’s Fort Bragg City Council meeting was rather calm, given the high level of citizen participation since August and the fact that the results of the contentious election have finally been tallied. City Manager Linda Ruffing announced that prior to the next meeting there will be a reception to welcome new Council Members Lindy Peters, Mike Cimolino and Dave Turner while honoring retiring members Heidi Kraut and Meg Courtney.
Madeleine Melo, shared pictures from her recent trip to Sister City Otsuchi Japan, which was devastated by the Fukushima earthquake, where over 750 people, including 46 Council Members and City Staff lost their lives. Watch as Madeleine tours Otsuchi as it rebuilds itself from the ashes, including illustrating where Fort Bragg’s donations have contributed to its success.
Art and science will collide positively with economic development if Flockworks, the Noyo Marine Center and the City of Fort Bragg are successful in winning a matching $75,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
The Willits Transfer Station was a topic of discussion as a resolution was adopted to extend their contract until December 3, 2024 unless a new transfer station is built locally to replace the Caspar site.
An unaudited Interim Financial Report for FY 2013/14 and the Quarterly Financial Report for the First Quarter of FY2014/15 were presented and reviewed.
Public comments on non-agenda items brought forth a request for the City to explore free Wi-Fi downtown; information on a 2 day collaborative event on developing local ethanol gas from organic recycled waste and a request for a city council vote on the Main Street Realignment Project at their next meeting.
Also attending the meeting was the new City Attorney Samantha Zutler.
A Closed Session was held to conduct a performance evaluation for the City Manager, Linda Ruffing.
Post-election, the one fact all factions agree on, is that it was a positive leap forward when so many engaged citizens packed the City Council meetings as well as viewing and commenting online at Mendocino TV.
Watch this meeting, the Main Street Realignment Project work session as well as other newsworthy meetings and events at


Fort Bragg Timberwolves play Moreau Catholic High School Football

North Coast Section Division 4 football

Moreau-Catholic-High-SchoolMoreau Catholic High School Football

Mascot – Mariners      Colors – Green, Gold
Coach; Andrew Cotter
Overall – 5-5
League – 5-1
State (CA) Rank – 631


timberwolfFort Bragg Timberwolves
Mascot – Timberwolves        Colors -Purple, White, Gray
Coach; Roy Perkins
Overall – 8-2
League -6-1
State (CA) Rank – 494

Commercial 1.Still001


Rantala Heating & Sheet MetalPyorre Insurance ad

Colombis Mkt & Deli

Colombis Mkt & Deli

Bruce Robert D DDS
801 River Dr
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Deputy Sheriff Ricky Del Fiorentino Memorial Highway

Tom Beth and JohnCrowds poured into Portuguese Hall, the afternoon of Nov. 12, to honor the memory of Del Fiorentino. The moving tribute included speeches by Assemblyman Wes Chesbro, who was instrumental in expediting the legislative process of dedicating the three mile stretch of Highway 1, north of Fort Bragg, as the “Deputy Sheriff Ricky Del Fiorentino Memorial Highway.”

“We understand that every day, as you do your job, that you are putting yourself at risk on our behalf,” said Chesbro, sending a larger Wes Chesboromessage to all law enforcement officers.

Sheriff Tom Allman graciously hosted the ceremony, often speaking directly to Beth Del Fiorentino who sat in the front row. Deputy Sheriff Craig Walker brought many to tears as he choked up while speaking at the podium. Julie Whipple also shared her memories of Del Fiorentino, making it clear how well loved and respected he was by his community.

“This is not a day of mourning. It’s a day to celebrate the memory of Ricky Del Fiorentino,” Allman said in an earlier interview while guests gathered at the Cal Fire headquarters at 801 Main Street, prior to a short ceremony unveiling the sign at highway mile marker 62. A procession walked from the unveiling to Portuguese Hall for the ceremony.

Sheriffs Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino

Sheriffs Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino

The ceremony closed with the Fort Bragg High School football team and cheerleaders gathering on stage while Beth Del Fiorentino did the honors of unveiling the sign that will be placed up further on the highway.

A beautiful honoring of a man large in stature, with a heart twice the size.

November 10th Ft Bragg City Council

Discontent stirs at City Council meeting

Community members in attendance at the Nov. 10 City Council meeting saw red when the revised Fire Sprinkler Ordinance came up for discussion. The issue seemed to draw sympathy for both sides, those wanting to prevent the possibility of fire razing a city block, and those with businesses who would have to pay upwards of $80,000 to install a sprinkler system.
Community members fear the ordinance will drive people out of business and renters to lose their homes. Coast Hardware owner, Whitey, said he got an estimate of between $80,000 and $90,000 to install the sprinkler system. He asked the council for help in paying for this, because his only alternative, should he have to shoulder the cost, would be to cut employee wages, and worse, lay-off some employees.
Fire Chief, Steve Orsi took responsibility for raising the issue, there was no “malice” involved, and that he was just trying to protect the city he grew up in. “I’m scared,” Orsi said, because many downtown buildings are redwood and have no sprinkler systems, though he was empathetic in regards to the cost. He appealed to community and council members to work together to find a funding solution, suggesting looking for grants or other government funding.
“It’s incumbent on us to come up with funding and then take action on it,” Mayor Dave Turner said. The council expressed sympathy for business owners, while also highlighting their concern for potential loss of life and property to fire. Council member, Heidi Kraut, reminded people that this is merely a “relaxing” of an ordinance that has already been in place for years. Ultimately, the revised ordinance was adopted.
Watch the video to see the other agenda items provoking community members input including procuring a new City Attorney and Assistant from Oakland, a new 2014 Housing Elements Plan and the movement and design of the welcome sign south of the Noyo Bridge.
Final results for the City Council race are not tallied and current members Dave Turner and Heidi Kraut are at the bottom of the pack and Meg Courtney is a lame duck. Currently Mike Cimolino, Lindy Peters and Mark Iacuaniello are leading the tight race and also attended the meeting.