Storm Report for Dec 11th 2014 Mendocino County

Location: Mendocino County
Date: 12-11-2014 Time: 12:20 PM

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Mendocino County Sheriff Facebook page

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to update the following social media sites in regards to the current winter storm impacting Mendocino County: (from smartphones)

There has been a hash tag established so people can follow updates/get information on the storm at #WXMendoStorm14 via twitter.

The following is the current major incident log for the WXMENDOSTORM14 event:

Op Period # – Date : 12/11/14

Overall Event Name: WXMENDOSTORM14

12/11/14 Fort Bragg Schools closed – May be a building down
12/11/14 Potter Valley West Road flooded from the 11000 BLK
12/11/14 Mendocino Schools closed
12/11/14 Point Arena Schools Closed
12/11/14 Willits Mud Slide, Sherwood Road ½ mile up from 101, road closed both directions
12/11/14 Fort Bragg Wind Damage to building
12/11/14 Point Arena Eureka Hill Road closed at MPM 5
12/11/14 Calpella E/S Calpella Road closed at MPM 1.25
12/11/14 Hopland HWY 175 partial flooding, still open
12/11/14 Boonville Anderson Valley Schools Closed
12/11/14 Leggett Leggett Valley Schools closed
12/11/14 at 07:05AM Ukiah Bevins Court
12/11/14 at 07:05AM Hopland HWY 175 – CLOSED
12/11/14 at 07:28AM Mendo Coast Approx 3,000 customers out of power
12/11/14 at 07:45AM Ukiah S/B HWY 101 @ Talmage – Traffic Collision
12/11/14 at 07:48AM County-wide Area flooding county wide – minimal road closures at this time

12/11/14 at 07:59AM Albion Power lines down, structure fire on Albion Ridge Road
12/11/14 at 08:02AM Fort Bragg Misc Storm related issues, nothing significant, all service open
12/11/14 at 08:12AM Willits Sherwood Road Open to one-way traffic
12/11/14 at 08:12AM Willits Commercial Street closed between Maddon and Bray
12/11/14 at 08:19AM Redwood Valley East Road and Road C – roadway flooding
12/11/14 at 08:20AM Hopland HWY 101 @ Comminsky Station Road – Road hazard
12/11/14 at 08:22AM Talmage Russian River spilling into local orchards, road still open
12/11/14 at 08:48AM Tamage Flooding on Talmage Court
12/11/14 at 08:53AM Talmage Talmage Road to close in the next hour
12/11/14/ 08:53AM Ukiah Oak Manor area – flooding starting, more water to come
12/11/14 at 08:58AM Ukiah Babcock Lane – flooding City
12/11/14 at 09:13AM Navaro HWY128 expected to close by approx 11 am
12/11/14 at 09:17AM Willits Sherwood open both lanes
12/11/14 at 09:20AM Brooktrails Some local flooding but no major issues
12/11/14 at 09:22AM Fort Bragg No major issues, crews on-duty to keep roads clear
12/11/14 at 09:25AM Willits Several local streets closed due to flooding, constantly changing
12/11/1 at 09:27AM Navarro HWY 128 is now closed
12/11/14 at 09:33AM Ukiah Riverside park closed due to flooding, water coming up East Gobbi Street

12/11/14 at 09:36AM Talmage Sanford Ranch Road flooding, threatening homes
12/11/14 at 09:55AM Talmage Talmage area schools are being closed now
12/11/14 at 09:55AM Talmage Shelter to open soon at MCOE on Eastside Road
12/11/14 at 09:56AM Ukiah Babcock Lane closed due to flooding
12/11/14 at 10:02AM Ukiah Oak Manor is not currently flooding – but water is rising
12/11/14 at 10:02AM Ukiah EOC recommends Ukiah Unified to close schools prior to further flooding
12/11/14 at 10:13AM Point Arena Port Road is closed due to flooding
12/11/14 at 10:17AM Talmage Standing water of 6” on Talmage near Russian River, road not closed yet
12/11/14 at 10:20AM Ukiah Plans in process to close Oak Manor School
12/11/14 at 10:24AM Hopland HWY 175 (Mountain house Road) Land slide S/B lane @ MPM 5.5
12/11/14 at 10:33AM Ukiah Ukiah Unified to close all schools, Sending out a message to parents to pick up children, will run buses at normal times
12/11/14 at 10:36AM Hopland Russian River currently at 19’ expected to rise to 23’ by mid afternoon, may affect HWY 101
12/11/14 at 10:36AM Ukiah Oak Manor school to remain open until children are picked up, if water causes issues children will be moved to
Grace Hudson school until they are picked up
12/11/14 at 10:40AM Ukiah Perkins Street closed due to flooding
12/11/4 at 10:46AM Ukiah River Oak Charter School closing in response to Ukiah Unified closure
12/11/14 at 10:48AM Talmage MCOE closing and sending staff home
12/11/14 at 10:48AM Talmage Shelter being set up at MCOE
12/11/14 at 10:54AM Point Arena HWY 1 closed at Garcia River due to flooding
12/11/14 at 11:07AM Ukiah St. Mary school closed
12/11/14 at 11:08AM Ukiah Hillside Community Clinic closing
12/11/14 at 11:10AM Ukiah Rock slide, S/B HWY 101 MPM 15.11 (just north of Crowfoot Ranch)

Approved By: Greg Van Patten

Special Meeting of The Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with Section 54956 of the Government Code that a Special Session of the Board of Directors of the Mendocino Coast Health Care District is called to be held on December 10, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. at Mendocino Coast District Hospital, 700 River Drive, Fort Bragg, California

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Comments from the Community*
Action: Election of Board Officers and JPA Representative also Tab 1
Assignment of Board Members to Committees
Action: Bank Resolution 2014-2: Mr. Steve Miller, Interim CFO. Tab 2
Information/Action: Discussion regarding methods for physician/provider Tab 3 recruitment.
Information/Action: Setting of date for Strategic Planning Meeting Tab 4 between the Board and Quorum Health Resources LLC.
Comments from Community
Comments from Board of Directors

December 8th Fort Bragg City Council Meeting

Scott MayberryFormer Chief Mayberry shares his perspective at City Council meeting

Ft Bragg LogoA packed room greeted the newly elected Fort Bragg City Council as Meg Courtney and Heidi Kraut were retired while Mike Cimolino, Lindy Peters and Dave Turner were sworn in. Dave Turner was elected mayor and Lindy Peters was elected Vice Mayor.

In her parting remarks Kraut expressed disappointment that her young daughters would see a city council comprised of only men. Keeping in mind that until two days before the deadline there were only 3 candidates for 3 council seats, it seems it would have been important to recruit another woman to replace Meg instead of Mark Iacuaniello.

Public comment was received in regards to the Environmental Report on the Mill Pond portion of the Coastal Trail.

Check out the video to view staff apologizing for the Main Street Relocation Project, hear the changes staff proposes, at the last moment, which depend on a new level of Caltrans cooperation and the articulate and passionate objections of the community. Former Council Members Meg Courtney and Heidi Kraut were among the few voices supporting going forward with this project, believing it will improve downtown. The Council all weighed in and to a thundering applause, voted 5-0 to return the money and abandon the project.

Scott Mayberry, retired Police Chief, unexpectedly addressed the City Council during the public comment portion of the agenda. While the first portion of the meeting was a dynamic and interactive discussion between the council and an engaged citizenry, most of the crowd was gone when Chief Mayberry spoke. In his very heartfelt remarks, Scott offered to publicly release both his personnel and medical records to counter the rumors and accusations made against his character and job performance. . Praising the changes he witnessed on the City Council tonight, he raised the possibility of running for the City Council in the future himself. Watch the video to truly appreciate Chief Mayberry’s dedication to this community.

Chief Mayberry addressing the City Council during the public comment after the break raises a concern, Mendocino TV shares, regarding people fleeing the meeting after their issue has been heard or at the break. Numerous times Mendocino TV has literally been the last and only person in the room, when important issues are raised or voted on. Tonight marked a new direction in citizens really impacting the decision making process.

A special thanks go to Autumn & Jess Stuckey of Bamboo Garden and Spa for mobilizing the Company Store peeps.

Fort Bragg Business Owners Coalition

For people to truly build the community they desire, it is critical to stay engaged for the entire meeting. After all, Edmund Burke was correct so many years ago when he said that people get the government they deserve. If you want an effective government, you need to not only vote, you must be actively involved and educated in an ongoing basis.

Holiday Lights Parade in Fort Bragg

Hometown Holidays in historic downtown Fort Bragg

Formerly known as the Lighted Truck Parade, this event reaches back into the town’s timber industry past. WhiMCBG_Cinema Ad_FOLle the focus of the parade today has changed, and the scope broadened, it is important to remember the origins of this holiday ritual. Lighted truck and tractor parades were common in rural American towns, and helped to celebrate the end of the working year. But after protests against the logging industry on the Northern California coast, the event was rechristened the Holiday Lights Parade.

This year’s parade followed the lighting of Fort Bragg’s official Christmas tree and a visit from Santa Claus, which started at 5:00P with Santa’s arrival.

Caroling began at 6:00P followed by the tree lighting and the parade at 7:00P. The parade followed a route from west Pine Street’s judging area, to Franklin Street, to Oak Street and then on to Main Street to complete the circle back to Pine. Viewing was possible along the entire route, with prime seats staked out early across Main Street from the Guest House Museum and the Christmas tree.

North Star Nursery Coast Cinemas Ad A from Terrence Vaughn on Vimeo.


“Spotlight on Mendocino County”

Wineries: Women in Wine

This online travel talk show is part of our coverage on the Mendocino County wine industry and gives you an insight on what’s happening in the wine industry these days, particularly when you get to see the women running their vineyards and making the wines. You’ll see scenes from their vineyards and tasting rooms while they talk too.

“Women in Wine” was filmed at the Roederer Estate in Anderson Valley ( thanks to Sharon Sullivan, Director of Hospitality & Tasting Room Operations.


1. Suzanne Jahnke-McConnell, Co-owner
Rivino Winery in Ukiah (
2. Deanna Starr, Co-owner Milano Family Winery in Hopland (
3. Stephanie Riven, Winemaker Signal Ridge Vineyards in Anderson Valley (
4. Kristy Charles, Co-owner Foursight Wines in Anderson Valley (
5. Bink Wines in Anderson Valley, Co-owner Deb Schatzlein (
6. Frey Vineyards in Redwood Valley, Co-owner Eliza Frey (
7. Martha Barra, Co-owner Barra of Mendocino, Girasole Vineyards, & in Redwood Valley Cellars in Redwood Valley (
8. Deborah Wallo, Co-owner Yorkville Cellars Wine in Yorkville Moderator (

Heidi Cusick Dickerson, Author Mendocino Roots & Ridges, Wine Notes from America’s Greenest Wine Region (http://www.mendocinorootsandridges/)

produced by Out & About Media
Twitter @CoastofMendo and @MendoTVandVideo

Lindy Peters post election interview

Election Night Party smallFB City Council (3)
Number of Precincts 19
Precincts Reporting                    19    100.0 %
LINDY PETERS                         1036      21.38%
MICHAEL A. CIMOLINO          1020      21.05%
DAVE TURNER                            920     18.98%
HEIDI KRAUT                              879      18.14%
MARK IACUANIELLO                 874      18.04%

Number of Precincts                   19
Precincts Reporting                     19 100.0 %
YES                                              1394  77.92%
NO                                                 395  22.08%

MCHCD – (3)
Number of Precincts                   58
Precincts Reporting                     58    100.0 %
WILLIAM ROHR                        3738      23.32%
PETER GLUSKER                       3129     19.52%
KITTY BRUNING                       3634      22.67%
MICHAEL CARROLL                 2650      16.53%
JOHN A. KERMEN                     2789      17.40%

Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner

The First Presbyterian Church is holding its 18th annual Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, Nov. 27th between 2 and 4 pm.

6657544211_51ef77e9e4_bEveryone is welcome, and the meal is pet friendly, as well. If someone is housebound they may call the church at 964-2316 to arrange for a meal delivery. Request for delivery must be called in by the end of the day, Wednesday, Nov. 26th. If someone is interested in volunteering in the future, please call the church. They host a similar meal for Easter and are always looking for more volunteers.
Additional community Thanksgiving announcements include the Fort Bragg Food Bank’s distribution schedule for the holiday week. Nov. 24th is a regular distribution day. Nov. 25th is Thanksgiving distribution from 9-3pm, Nov. 26th is Thanksgiving distribution day from 9-3pm. They are closed Nov. 27th and 28th.
Living Light Culinary Institute will host a vegan potluck from 2-5pm upstairs at the Company Store in Fort Bragg. Call 964-2420 for further information.

Michael Brown Silent Vigil

A candlelight vigil was held for Michael Brown in front of Fort Bragg’s Town Hall on Nov. 25th.

Candellight Vigil for Michael BrownBy Amy Katz

Following the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who killed Michael Brown, Allie Cislo organized a candlelight vigil. Minutes before the vigil, Cislo spoke eloquently about why standing in solidarity with Brown’s family and the community of all people is critical in the face of violence. The group stood silently for 4 ½ minutes to symbolize the 4 ½ hours that Brown’s body lay before being recovered.

Mendocino Film Festival team up with Mendocino Art Center

“East of Eden” screening concludes Mendocino: Our Town in Art & Film series

A well attending screening of “East of Eden”, the 60 year old film classic partially shot in the town of Mendocino, was the culmination of a 6 week series of events highlighting Mendocino: Our Town in Art & Film. This project was a collaborative effort between The Mendocino Art Center and The Mendocino Film Festival funded by a matching grant from the California Arts Council.

our town poster
Sunday’s screening, in the Abalone Room at the Little River Inn, was preceded by a convivial reception to help raise the matching funds for the $8500 grant. Scott Feinberg, Lead Award Analyst of The Hollywood Reporter with a penchant for correctly choosing Academy Award winners, introduced the Elia Kazan film and provided a Q&A session after the show. He shared entertaining tidbits on the movie, its stars and 1950’s Mendocino. Feinberg also did this at free “East of Eden” screenings for seniors and Mendocino High School students.
The purpose of this grant was to provide a visual and historical perspective on the role that art and film has played in the economic revival of the town of Mendocino.

Sunday, November 9, 4pm
Community Center of Mendocino, 998 School Street

Mendocino As It Was, facilitated by Steven Worthen and will featuring stories and memories of the 1960s and 1970s in and around Mendocino. For those who were here in Mendocino, it was an opportunity to hear stories and share a laugh, or shed a tear of nostalgia. For those who were not, watching this video will be an opportunity to learn some local history about a time that was a major turning point for the community.