Poacher of Mendocino Coast abalone faces fine, prison term


A Sacramento man faces 32 months in state prison, a fine of $15,000

and a lifetime revocation of his fishing license after pleading guilty Thursday to poaching abalone from the Mendocino Coast, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Dung Van Nguyen, 41, appeared in Mendocino County Superior Court, where he pleaded to one felony count of forging an abalone report card and to a misdemeanor for taking abalone for commercial purposes.

As a condition of his deal, Nguyen is required to return to court for sentencing Nov. 11, when he will be remanded into custody.

Nguyen was previously convicted for poaching crimes, according to the state agency.

Wildlife officers said they observed Nguyen take at least 35 abalone in 2013, 17 in excess of the annual limit.

Poachers are lured by the high price the mollusks, a delicacy, fetch on the black market.

Fishing for abalone is legal, but divers must be licensed and are limited to three a day and a total of 18 in a season. Divers must track their catches on report cards.

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Sherry Glaser on Mendocino Media Makers Sept 18th

Join Toni Orans, Host of “Mendocino Media Makers” and Sherry Glaser as they discuss Sherry’s latest show, “Character References”

Toni Orans hosts Sherry Glaser-LoveThursday September 18th at 7pm on www.mendocinotv.com


Character References

Character References

Character References

Friday October 3rd  8PM
Sat.     October 4th  8PM
Sun.    October  5th  2PM Matinee (Benefit for NAMI National Alliance for Mental Illness)
Matheson Performing Art Center
10700 Ford St. (Ford and Cahto) Mendocino
Tkts. $20 adv. $25 at the door
Tkts. avail. at  Love in It Cooperative  Twist  Icons
call 707-684-0177 for info
Facebook page  Sherry Glaser Love’s Character References

A New Comedy by Sherry Glaser-Love

Sherry Glaser-Love faceSherry Glaser, author and star of such one woman show’s as The Adventures of Super Activist Mother, Oh My Goddess and the longes running  one-woman show in off-Broadway history; FAMILY SECRETS  brings some of her most beloved characters back to the stage with all new monolouges. Bev and Rose from FAMILY SECRETS, Miguel from OH MY GODDESS are just a few of the characters that will be on stage for CHARACTER REFERENCES. Sherry’s work always rides that fine line between comedy and drama and still does in this new offering. Sherry is also the Exec. director at Love In It Cooperative. She’s been a programmer on KZYX for over a decade.

KPIX investigates raids in the Laytonville area

The original video for the Jere Melo Foundation (above)

Visit the link below to see the article by KPIX


From the Willits News

Sheriff speaks on Marijuana Law, Raid Rumors in Laytonville

By Adrian Baumann

Mendocino County sheriff questioned on pot raids

Sheriff Tom Allman

Sheriff Tom Allman


Staff Writer Glenda Anderson at 462-6473 or glenda.anderson@pressdemocrat.com. On Twitter @MendoReporter

Mendocino cops downplay tales of mystery pot raids


Ft Bragg City Council Meeting Sept. 8th 2014

Ft Bragg Logo
1A. Recognition/Announcements
Presentation of Governmental Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to Finance Director Rosana Cimolino

5A. Staff Report
Receive Oral Status Report Regarding City of Fort Bragg Water Supply

5B. Staff Report
Receive Report and Introducing, by Title Only, and Waive Further Reading of Ordinance 911-2014 Repealing and Replacing Chapters 14.08 through 14.40 of Title 14 (Water and Sewer) of the Fort Bragg Municipal Code

5C. Staff Report
Receive Report and Consider Introducing, by Title Only, and Waive Further Reading the Following Ordinances: (1) Ordinance 912-2014 Amending Chapter 6.26 (Disposable Bag Reduction); and (2) Ordinance 913-2014 Adding Chapter 6.28 (Polystyrene Foam Restaurant Takeout Ban) to Title 6 (Health and Sanitation) of the Fort Bragg Municipal Code

7A. Resolution
Adopt Joint City Council/Improvement District Resolution Approving the City/District’s Investment Policy

7B. Resolution
Adopt City Council Resolution Adopting Phase III of the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, August 2014

7C. Resolution
Adopt City Council Resolution Amending the City of Fort Bragg Conflict of Interest Code

7D. ID Resolution
Adopt Improvement District Resolution Amending the Fort Bragg Municipal Improvement District No. 1 Conflict of Interest Code

7E. RS Resolution
Adopt Redevelopment Successor Agency Resolution Amending the Fort Bragg Redevelopment Successor Agency Conflict of Interest Code

7F. Resolution
Adopt City Council Resolution Authorizing City Manager to Execute Agreement and Grant of Easement, Park Facility Improvements for Coastal Public Access with State of California Department of Parks and Recreation

7G. Committee Minutes
Approve Public Works Committee Minutes of July 17, 2014

7H. Minutes
Approve Minutes from Special Meeting of August 11, 2014

7I. Minutes
Approve Minutes of August 11, 2014

7J. Minutes
Approve Minutes from Special Meeting of August 19, 2014

The Noyo Cup 2014 screening

BoatRace-1After last years dramatic race in Noyo River for the Noyo Cup, this year’s race will be out in the ocean. The course is 1.1 miles out into Noyo Bay and around the green bouy. This year the ocean conditions BoatRace-8added another challenge to what has become a local event. Boats provided by The Lost Coast Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.The race was marshaled by Stan Halvorsen.

Watch the Labor Day Paul Bunyan Parade

from their web page
I love a parade! Especially the Paul Bunyan Days Labor Day Parade. It’s quite a spectacle… there are fun-to-funky floats, lively bands, marching groups of all stripes, sizes and abilities… plus some entries that simply defy description.

Everyone turns out – if they’re not in the parade, they’re sitting on curbs, camp stools, lawn chairs and backs of trucks cheering friends and families! It’s the perfect small town event, one not to be missed. Come early to snag a good spot – and leave plenty of time to walk-in once adjacent roads close.

Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors meeting, Thursday, August 28

Members of the public are welcome to attend the open session of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, August 28 at 6:00p.m. in the Hospital’s Redwoods Room. More information and the agenda can be found at www.mcdh.org.